Santa Cruz Island to Oxnard – June 25, 2019

We only stayed at Santa Cruz Island for two days, Damien had quite a bit of work to do and there was no way he could work from there. So we headed back to Oxnard. Because there was so little cell reception on Santa Cruz Island, we couldn’t call the marinas to find a spot to hang out for a few days. We were heading back to Oxnard, unsure of where we could go.

This is a nerve-wracking part of sailing in a catamaran. We have lots of space, the sailing is comfortable with little heeling, but most marinas don’t have room for us. When you call to ask if they have a side tie available, they practically laugh in your face. Since our plan has always been to anchor as much as possible, I didn’t really consider this as a potential problem. But we needed shore power and cell reception and Wi-Fi for Damien to work. We figured that the Harbor Patrol wouldn’t turn us away if I begged and pleaded enough. So we headed back to the land of tan uniforms and full mustaches.

We planned on filling up with diesel once we got there since the fuel dock is attached to the Harbor Patrol office. No big deal. The wind was a light breeze in the right direction and Damien eased the boat around to back into the fuel dock. He’s maneuvering like a champ. And then I realize that the fishing line we’d been trolling was still out! It’s caught on something and super tight. I not so calmly but as quietly as possible tell Damien that the line is still out. In the middle of backing into the fuel dock, he walks over, cuts the fishing line and resumes the docking. Jeez louise. No problem, mon. The fuel attendant comes out, unaware of our fishing line debacle and tells him it’s the best docking she’s seen in a long time. The harbor patrol takes pity on us and keeps us for another night, for an additional fee and paperwork.

The Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club returned my voicemail the next morning (Wednesday) and said we could use their side tie until Saturday! And, what was that? We can use your pool and hot tub?!? Yes please, we’ll be right over. It was awesome, way less expensive than the Harbor Patrol dock and so much nicer. Thank you Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club for your hospitality, we appreciate it!


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