Santa Barbara to Oxnard – June 13, 2019

We only stayed in Santa Barbara for two days. It’s very beautiful and fancy, but it’s not really our cup of tea. So we got in and got out. On June 13th we were on the road again, headed to good ol’ Oxnard. The trip from Santa Barbara to Oxnard was short, not a lot of sailing and uneventful. So uneventful that I just referred to the log book to see what took place and I didn’t make any notes. Woooopsies!


The harbor patrol has a guest dock in Oxnard that you can stay on for 10 days for a fee. So we headed in and found the harbor patrol dock. The harbor patrol officers in Oxnard are very nice with lovely tan outfits and full mustaches. They mean business.

The guest dock was simple and gated and we left the boat there for 10 days while we headed back to the Bay to pick up the Sprinter.

It’s funny because it had felt like once we left there would be nothing else to worry about, only sailing and our next destination. But that’s not real life. We still needed to sell the car that I had been driving (thanks Devin!), we needed to get prescriptions for Damien and our documentation from the Coast Guard for the boat name change still hadn’t been approved. An assortment of regular daily life nonsense had been dangling over our heads while we were out gallivanting on the sea.

I’d like to say thank you to Amy and the Fantastic Frazzitas for housing us and keeping us fed while we grabbed the Sprinter and attended to this nonsense. Also for being flexible when I asked to stay a few more days (at least twice). I think we had planned to be there for 3 days and ended up staying a week? Sorry about hogging your playroom, Jake and Jesse, but it sure is nice. Big thanks also go out to our good friends Paul, Katie, James, Devin and the awesome Silers for assisting with our shenanigans and moving us along on our adventure. Because of our friends and family, we were able to wrap up the loose ends and resume our gallivanting.

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