Mexico or Bust! November 1, 2019

We woke up on November 1st excited to get a move on. This is it, this is the day we’re crossing the border! Excited, happy, nervous with a generous dash of disbelief, we pulled up the anchor around 9am and fueled up at Pearson Marine. We were motoring out of La Playa Cove at 9:30am, on track to arrive in Ensenada around 5pm, well before sunset.

Temporary anchorage in La Playa Cove. Not too shabby, San Diego.
Damien with his game face on, all fueled up and ready for action.

It’s a short jaunt from San Diego to the border and there we were- 11am on Friday, November 1, 2019 we did it! We crossed the border into Mexico! We verified a couple of times on the charts, had a celebration and then looked around. Not much had changed. Nothing really happened. I half expected the Mexican Navy to come racing over to us, perform a full inspection and demand to know what we were doing. But there was none of that. We raised the Mexican flag and continued on our way, smiling from ear to ear.

Checking & rechecking the chart- Did we do it? Are we across?!?
Yep, we’re across! Officially in Mexican waters!
Raise that flag, Captain!

It was then that I remembered we needed Mexican fishing licenses and Mexican boat insurance. We’ve heard it can be a really big deal if you have fishing poles on board (even if you’re not using them) and no fishing license. And we had a pole in the water, trolling for tuna! Oh dear lord, we’ll be in jail in no time! I quickly hid the pole and applied for our fishing licenses on line. We got them immediately, it was extremely easy. Whew!!  So we put the pole back in the water and hoped the fishies would start biting. They didn’t.

It’s only 61 nautical miles from San Diego to Ensenada and the ride was smooth sailing. We pulled into Coral Hotel y Marina at 5:20pm, tied the boat up and that was it. We made it to Mexico.

1st Margarita in Mexico!










P.S. It’s now January and writing this still brings tears to my eyes. We did it!!


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    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Veronika

    Ah, who would know that we wont be able to travel for such a long period of time?! This made my day!
    If the current situation gets better, I am waiting to go somewhere as well with
    Stay safe!


  3. 就爱要

    First time here, wish you good!

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